"Persist, Learn, Conquer: Embrace the
Warrior Within, Unleash the Unyielding Spirit –
where every challenge becomes a stepping stone, and every setback a setup for a comeback!" my power mantra

... Jyoti Upadhyayula


"Persist, Learn, Conquer: Embrace the Warrior Within, Unleash the Unyielding Spirit
where every challenge becomes a stepping stone, and every setback a setup for a comeback!" my power mantra

About me

Hello! I’m Jyoti Upadhyayula

A Life Coach, Author, and Founder of Mastermind Act2Achieve.

LIt's very strange to say that I'm a Coach because just a few years from today, I found myself in a situation where I struggled to voice my thoughts and opinions.
I struggled to stand up for myself and had allowed other people to control my life and my sense of happiness. I had low self- esteem, self-confidence and self-belief. Owing to these qualities, for 30 years, I grappled with maintaining functional relationships and communication skills.
It was due to some extenuating life circumstances, which plunged my life into depths of uncertainty, I realized that to build confidence, become resilient and be the best version of myself, I had to stand up for myself and take action.
This realization made me analyze my personality and beliefs. I needed to break myself down from the inside out, unlearn negative childhood patterns and beliefs, reparent and nurture myself into a more confident and resilient personality
I'm still a work in progress but now I believe I exude calm confidence in the face of life's struggles and uncertainties. Moreover, while working on rebuilding myself, I discovered my true calling for guiding people, who are facing similar life struggles and standing in the way of their own success. I want to help people take action and realize their true potential.
Thus, after working, for over a decade as a teacher, nurturing the lives of children, I decided to transition into a life coach and underwent a certification program for life coaching conducted by Arfeen Khan, an internationally renowned life coach and mentor.
" During this journey, I had many breakthroughs and realized some major personality blocks which affected my performance thus far. This further motivated me to work on myself and help others who are on the same journey. In the end, taking action towards everything that you need for your happiness is a form of self-love which also builds your self esteem. But taking action is not always easy. That is what I guide within my Mastermind Act2Achieve.

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